Busy Barcombe River People Tour

We know that people in Barcombe are closely connected with the river and we weren’t disappointed by the turnout. Around 400 people packed the Village Hall throughout the day! We sold all the cake, the talks were very popular and kids were enjoying getting muddy.

We welcomed really insightful and interesting additions from active local groups. Isfield Angling Club displayed Ouse fish photos and spoke about their years of experience watching the declining health of the river. Barcombe Community Wildlife Group impressed everyone with their amazing local wildlife knowledge and spectacular large jar of grass snake eggs. Don’t Urbanise Hamsey spoke to people about their mounting campaign against the potential housing development near the river in Hamsey Village and Wilder Life demonstrated the opportunities and benefits of reintroducing Beavers and got kids creating their own dams! Our community discussion focused on our relationship with the Sheffield Park to Barcombe stretch past and present through the lens of Pollution, Recreational access & Climate Change.

A massive thank you to everyone who came and participated!