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Welcome to our website!

We hope you love our Sussex Ouse River and its tributaries as much as we do.

Love our Ouse is an exciting community based initiative to link people to celebrate, raise the profile of and upscale positive action for our river from source to sea. We believe the Ouse has the right to support a rich biodiversity of life and a thriving riverside community.

Love our Ouse is about being inclusive and connecting all sorts of people; residents, community groups, recreational users, landowners, farmers and everything in between! We will prioritize communities who will be most affected by the adverse impacts of pollution, climate change and other threats to river ecology.

We engage in strong partnership working with key stakeholders such as local authorities, environmental organisations and regulators. We hope to benefit existing organisation’s positive work by increasing engagement and support as well as create increased accountability for those with statutory duties.

Please feel free to meander through our website. We hope something floats your boat and inspires you to get involved.

"People protect what they love, they love what they understand and they understand what they are taught." - Jacques-Yves Cousteau


Contact Us
We’re keen to hear from anyone interested in being involved. Email us: info@loveourouse.org